Precious Metals Technologies Engineering
We help our partners develop new technologies and products, launch production lines, upgrade existing processes, transfer technologies and find new business opportunities.
Areas of expertise
Precious metal refining
Developing new refining technologies and upgrading existing flowsheets to get an improved process performance and efficiency, when processing new feedstock materials as well as traditional ones.
Precious metals industrial products
Launching a production line for manufacturing precious metals industrial products from the design and development stage to the manufacturing of the products. Full range of products for such industries as nitrogen, glass fibre and composite materials manufacturing and precious metals analytics.
Sampling and assaying
Assistance in laboratory certification, laboratory personnel training, development of sampling and assaying techniques per global standards.
Jewellery production
Optimising business processes and launching full-cycle jewellery production from creating alloys to manufacturing jewellery articles such as machinery woven chains and bracelets.
We submit expert reviews that assist in decision making process whether to improve a current processes and facilities or to establish a new capacities and flowsheets
Laboratory and pilot testing
Before starting the project, we carry out laboratory or pilot testing to develop and scale-up technology.
Identifying process bottlenecks and determining the potential for improvement.
Technology audit
Once all the testing stages are complete, the technology is launched and personnel
is trained to use it.
Industrial integration and
ongoing support
Work stages
What do we do at the technology audit stage?
The first step is data collection. We will send you a questionnaire, which also serves as your brief to us. Please fill it out in as much detail as possible. We can also hold in-depth interviews with your employees to clarify this information.

We then conduct an audit: we pick our team of specific experts and visit the customer's facility in person, identify bottlenecks and determine the potential for future changes. If we cannot visit the facility in person, we are happy to carry out an audit remotely. We will use the results of the audit to assess the potential effects of our consulting work. All calculations are performed using simulation modelling, creating a digital twin of the production process.
Why do we need simulation modelling?
Simulation modelling software is a tool developed at Krastsvetmet for creating a digital copy of refining flowsheet or any other continuous production line. This tool makes it possible to select an effective work plan and calculate a project budget before installing on-site equipment.
Why include laboratory or pilot testing stage?
This is the stage where we develop the technology and run laboratory tests as well as pilot tests at an industrial site. This enables us to adjust the technology and consequently offer the most effective and environmentally friendly solutions to our partners.
What do we do at the technology implementation stage?
The first step is technology transfer. Our specialists develop the technological solution, integrate it into the current production process and adapt it as needed. We then train your personnel on how to use the new technology or new equipment and provide technical support throughout the entire project lifecycle.
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